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Concentration : Pay attention to it!

Do you have troubles concentrating? It is hard for you to focus your attention? Our games can help you get better!

Attention and concentration are essential functions, that allow us to absorb, process and memorize information. Attention is also required in detail processing, understanding a written text, as well as the mental search of a word or an expression. The attention exercises we suggest are a fun way to boost your ability to concentrate on critical information. is a fun and entertaining program with than 40 games designed by specialists to help you maintain and develop your cognitive abilities.

Our program is used by youngsters to develop their potential. Seniors use it to reduce natural decline related to aging, and delay the onset of Alzheimer's disease cognitive symptoms.

Created by cognitive psychology specialists, HAPPYneuron offers many games. Whether you like riddles, mind games, puzzles, or whether you are looking for an attention game or improving your memory, our site will fulfill your expectations. You will be the judge!

Start your concentration program!

Our attention games, along with the other tests and riddles will identify your strong and weak points, and above all, will sharpen your concentration abilities! An example of a concentration game before we start? One of our games consists in reading a series of numbers or letters, remembering them, and afterwards typing them in their original order. Depending on the game settings you choose, you may also be asked to type them in reverse order, or even order them by numerical or alphabetical order.

You won’t find only ONE memory game: our site provides more than 40 EXERCISES, that will challenge your memory skills (and many more abilities!). There are several types of memory : “working memory” deals with information for about 15 seconds; short-term memory retains information up to 60 seconds, while long-term memory can store information indefinitely. A regular practice of memory games can help you strengthen your attention and concentration skills. With our program, you’ll improve quickly. Would you like to start your brain training?


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